Our Vision

We are a forward-thinking school aiming to prepare our children and students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, and compassion, leading to personal, physical, moral and spiritual development. Developing these skills is the corner stone of the education.

Our Mission

We at Chinmaya commit to educate the whole child and honor the diversity of each individual intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually by developing in each member of the student community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind and implement the Chinmaya Vision Programme in its entirety.

Quotes from Gurudev
What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...
Quotes from Gurudev
The mind is like a mirror, whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it.
Quotes from Gurudev
The mind is like a mirror, whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it.
Quotes from Gurudev
The mind is like a mirror, whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it.


Looking back at the saga of the school, it is worth recalling the humble beginnings the Vidyalaya had. It was on December 30, 1968, when Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was at Thiruvananthapuram for conducting a yajna at University Stadium, that Sri. A.S Menon, the then President of Chinmaya Mission, assigned the 51 cents of land that belonged to Balaniketan to Central Chinmaya Mission for starting a school. Swamiji wanted the foundation stone laying ceremony to be held on January 1, 1969. He had a novelty in whatever he did. In his usual style he said, “We must have a golden trowel and then auction it. That will give us the seed money for the event.” But when the difficulty of acquiring a golden trowel in such a short time was conveyed to Swamiji, he retorted, “Old are always useless, I would like to see some young guys.”


Messages Updates

Ashalatha P M

Hari Om!

"In life to handle yourself, Use your head, but to handle others, use your heart."

We are so excited to welcome you back for a new school year! We've missed seeing your bright smiles and hearing your laughter fill the hallways. As we start this new chapter together, let's embrace the joy of learning and the thrill of discovering new things every day.

Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and every mistake is a chance to learn. Be kind to your classmates, respect your teachers, and most importantly, believe in yourself. You are capable of amazing things!

Let's make this year the best one yet!

"With excitement and warm wishes"

Indu Vikraman J
Vice Principal

Hari Om!

Dear Students,
I hope all are recharged and ready to start a new school year. I welcome all to the new academic year with great enthusiasm and optimism.

As we embark on this new chapter, I am reminded of the wise words of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Our goal is to equip our students not just with knowledge, but with the values and skills that will enable them to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Our commitment as educators and facilitators goes beyond academic instruction. We strive to imbibe in our students the values of human kindness, the drive to raise the standards of mankind, and the spirit to work hard and achieve their goals. These values will not only help them succeed individually but also contribute to making the world a better place for everyone. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, fostering both intellectual growth and personal development.

Let's embrace this new school year with a positive mindset and a shared commitment to excellence. Together, we can achieve great things and create lasting memories.

Welcome back, and here's to a wonderful year ahead!

Our Facilities

Kinder Garten

Chinmaya Vidyalayas provide a kindergarten facility and we are following the Next Curriculum. The curriculum endows the child with 21st century skills. The teaching methodology embedded with fascinating audiovisuals, simulations, hands-on activities and much more engages every kind of learner and creates life-long love for learning


The Biology lab of the Vidyalaya is well-equipped with 25 microscopes and other apparatus which enable the students to have a practical approach to the theory subjects prescribed in the syllabus.The models, specimens, charts etc.


A treasure trove of books - the Vidyalaya library is designed to encourage reading habits in the students. This spacious well-furnished library is stocked with a plethora of books from various disciplines and books authored by well known writers