Co Curricular Activites

A school is a workshop of life building activities, in which the raw material is the nascent mind of the young pupils studying there. The principal along with the teachers and other staff, are the moulders of this raw material for the practical, real world.

In the process, more than just classroom studying is important, the students might have the potential to excel in games and sports and of course, writing and reading competitions which motivate them in one way or another.

There might be students with a knack for sports, creative writing or even arts and information technology. It is our duty to help them grow and amaze others with their talent. They can only be developed when school takes charge of their learning in such a way both co-curricular activities and studies are held in the same importance.

Cultural shows, dramatic performances, mono-acts, and beautifully written essays are generally found in schools because of our belief that it is a part of education. Any activity which helps in the development of such a personality is a co-curricular activity.

In our school, we are really lucky that we develop latent talent, and try to encourage an opportunity of healthy competition. The clubs formed, like the IT clubs, Sports club and Arts club help in filtering out students with different mindsets and creativity.

We also try to organise creative writing segments like essay writings and work on their speaking skills with a few other events like extempores, debates etc.