Karadipath- An Innovative Way to Improve English

Karadipath Magic Junior English introduced in our school is indeed an innovative and entertaining way of making students improve their language skills. It opened up new vistas in teaching learning methodology.


The Karadipath (KP) introduced a trailblazing methodology in acquisition of language proficiency. It presented children with a hassle-free way of learning a new language. The KP class is divided into different ‘Paths’ which are tailor made to cater to the needs of all types of learners. The different activities included in each session provide extensive exposure to the target language.



In KP the usual traditional methods of teaching give way to non-linear and non-instructional approach that assist children in learning English by discovery, intuition and by sensory engagement. They are exposed to a tension-free learning strategy where they can progress at their own pace. Karadipath is indeed providing students with a platform which allows them to acquire language without conscious effort.

Daksha – The Skilled One

Daksha – The Skilled One is an Inter-Chinmaya Cultural fest hosted by the sophomores of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vazhuthacaud. Every year our school proudly brings out to display, a confluence of talents, aiming to prove a platform for the young artists across all Chinmaya Vidyalayas. It provides a stage for young artists to showcase their versatility and eloquence with several events ranging from music to dance and cultural ,literal activities to different technology related competitions. Personality development  and  fun treasure hunt events make them rack their brains. Another specialty of this fest is that, all the competitions and events are in accordance to our Gurudev’s vision and our students are benefited by the organization skills, needed for their bright future. The objective of this fest is to bring out the creativity, the spontaneousness and team efforts of the students and parents . It has been a running success since 2010.

Bala Vihar

Bala Vihar sessions are a weekly gathering of children aged five to fifteen, that helps them to bloom, grow, and inculcate values through fun-filled activities. The sessions aim to enhance the overall development of a child at all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The sessions are held at the school every week without delay, where children are exposed to learning new things and values through activities, energizing them and helping them develop their own aspirations, dream higher and achieve those heights.

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra or as it is commonly known, CHYK is a global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission. It aims to empower the youth with values, visions, and a dynamic approach to success. Weekly classes are conducted to ignite young minds to do more, to organize and execute cultural, social and spiritual programs. The CHYK classes are held in the school, nudging the youth to be inspired and successful in whatever they dream for. CHYK also helps to mould their personality and harness their inner resources along constructive channels.