Biology Lab

The Biology lab of the Vidyalaya is well-equipped with 25 microscopes and other apparatus which enable the students to have a practical approach to the theory subjects prescribed in the syllabus.The models, specimens, charts etc. which adorn the lab help the students connect to the living world.

Physics Lab

The Vidyalaya has a Physics lab which is equipped with all the instruments and gadgets as per the state board requirement, which helps the students learn the concepts of Physics in a simplified manner thus making the subject more interesting to them. This spacious and well ventilated lab is stocked with sufficient apparatus for 25 students to work at a time.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is a modern well stocked lab that can accommodate 30 students at a time.It has state of art instruments and apparatus and is stocked with all the chemicals and reagents required for carrying out the experiment.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab 1 The two computer labs of the Vidyalaya give the students access to learning through through latest technology.These spacious, well-furnished labs accommodate a total of 40 computers. These labs which can be utilized by all the students in a class at a time are well equipped with fast internet enabled networked computers in Windows/Ubuntu version.Computer sessions and internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who guide the students through the session and prepare them for the world tomorrow.