Principal's Message

Ashalatha P M

Hari Om!

The imperilled teaching learning process has opened up new vistas of learning environment both to students and teachers. We believe that capabilities and capacities of the student could be bolstered with the unique Chinmaya Vision Programme and the grace of Almighty and Gurudev. We envisage a learning environment that upholds the 21st century skills: Critical thinking, creativity, Collaboration, Communication and digital. Time to act is now as the corridors of unfathomable experience is waiting for you!!

Deepa R Nair
Principal II

Hari Om!

The Vidyalaya, ours is trying its best to help our children achieve the academic brilliance and imbibe the cultural values as well. The changing waves in education and mode of learning was indeed a boon, helping to develop useful life skills, leading to a new perspective for a better future. Let us lead and prepare tomorrow with commitment efficiency, accountability and compassion, with an inner equipoise to face all the challenges of life with a smile keeping in mind our motto “Keep Smiling” to guide the future world with the right vision.